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Buy Ear Hearing Aids, Are You Routined?

Perpetrate a fraud

The price of analog hearing aids is quite different from that of digital hearing aids, but the appearance of analog hearing aids is almost the same, which leads to many bad businesses selling analog hearing aids under the name of digital hearing aids, "hanging sheep's head, selling dog's meat".

Analog hearing aids differ greatly from digital ear machine in listening effect, mainly because they use different chips: analog hearing aids use analog chips, and digital hearing aids install digital chips.

Fake and inferior

Compared with stealing beams and changing pillars, what is more, annoying is that they are fake and inferior.

Hearing aids are different from general household appliances, once there is a quality problem, it will directly affect the hearing health.

Many hearing-impaired people have poor family conditions, and some hearing-impaired elderly people are accustomed to thrifty life. Hearing aids of good quality are often expensive. Bad businessmen are aiming at this point. Putting out the name of "public welfare relief activities" and "charging only a small amount of postage" makes users pay hundreds or even tens of thousands of yuan. As a result, what they get is poor quality counterfeit goods. There is no way to return them and safeguard their rights.

Hearing AIDS belong to medical devices, not only for production but also for sale.

So when you buy ear hearing aids, please don't trust TV advertisements, network information and so-called "acquaintance recommendation" with unknown routes. You should buy them from regular channels and confirm whether you have formal qualifications for buying pocket amplifier hearing aid.

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