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Can Waterproof Hearing Ad Not be Dried?

For the hearing impaired, the waterproof performance of the hearing aid is crucial. The most common occurrences of hearing aids being wetted include short circuits and condensed water. The damage caused by moisture to the hearing aid is sometimes even impossible to repair, so the hearing impaired person tries to protect the dry state of the hearing aid with various possible methods. These include protective coatings, protective covers, drying tools, and more. Manufacturers are also actively developing higher performance products. The advent of waterproof hearing aids provides a better choice for sports-loving hearing-impaired friends. So since it is a waterproof hearing aid, do we need daily dry maintenance?

Let us first look at the definition of the waterproof level of waterproof hearing aid:

The second number after IP is the protection of liquid penetration. The outer casing is resistant to liquid penetration, which is a waterproof rating and is available in grades 0-8. Generally speaking, according to the current market standards, it can be said that the product is waterproof when it reaches level 6 or above.

From the perspective of waterproof rating, it is a certain degree of waterproofing under certain test conditions, and it is not unconditionally immersed in water for a long time. Regarding the maintenance of waterproof hearing aid, please be sure to pay attention to moisture. Especially for those who are prone to sweating in the summer, the hearing aid must be wiped clean before being placed in an electronic storage box at room temperature for physical dehumidification. The acid gas dissolves in water vapor, such as acid rain, which accelerates the corrosion of precision electronic components. Develop the habit of dry maintenance every day to extend the life of the hearing aid.

Hearing aids are like your own ears and need to be carefully cared for!

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