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"Daily Handling, Cleaning, Maintenance and Preservation" Method for Pocket Hearing Aid

Daily treatment

It is important to keep the hearing aid clean and dry at all times. The battery door should be opened when not wearing a pocket hearing aid, which will extend battery life.

If the hearing aid is equipped with a volume knob, you can use it to adjust the volume or switch the hearing aid.

When turning on the hearing aid, turn the volume knob forward or clockwise until it is in the proper position. When changing the listening environment, if you want to increase the volume, rotate the knob forward. To decrease the volume, adjust the knob backwards or counterclockwise. The hearing aid can be turned off when it is rotated backwards.

If the hearing aid does not have a volume knob installed, insert the battery, close the battery door to activate the hearing aid, and open the battery door to close the hearing aid.

When a pocket hearing aid is turned on, it emits a "creak" howling, especially when it is taken out or placed in a hearing aid. Howling is often caused by the amplified sound being reflected by the hand or other objects and then re-acquired into the microphone. When the hand or reflector is removed, the howling should stop. If there is a continuous howling, you should consult the professional assistant of the hearing aid.

Cleaning and maintenance

Develop the habit of cleaning your hearing aids every day. Use the company's supplied brush to remove the earwax or other tiny particles that accumulate around the ear canal of the pocket hearing aid, the volume adjustment knob and the battery compartment, and then gently wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth. Never use solvents, cleaning fluids or oils to clean pocket hearing aids.

Because pocket hearing aids are very compact, it is best to use a soft cloth or towel on the table to avoid unnecessary damage or missing parts during cleaning and maintenance.

Once you have adapted to a pocket hearing aid, sometimes you will forget that it is working. So when you are swimming, bathing or using a hair spray, be sure to take out the hearing aid. Of course, when washing clothes, check if there are hearing aids in your pocket. If the hearing aid is damp, do not use a drying tool such as an oven, microwave oven or hair dryer – this can easily damage the pocket hearing aid. Instead, remove the damp battery, open the hearing aid battery door, and place the hearing aid on a towel in a safe place to achieve the purpose of removing moisture.


When the pocket hearing aid is not in use, turn the switch off and open the battery door to extend battery life. If the hearing aid is not turned off, it will make a "creak" howling that may cause the child or pet to notice and cause unnecessary damage.

Therefore, store the hearing aid in a place where children or pets are not easily found. If the hearing aid is not used for a long time, store it in a special pocket and store it in a cool, dry place.

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