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Do You Want to Buy Analog Hearing Aids?

Analog Hearing Aid - The signal processor amplified by the hearing aid uses analog components, mainly integrated operational amplifiers composed of transistors, resistors, capacitors and other components. It can be divided into linear analog hearing aids and non-linear analog hearing aids.

Linear analog hearing aids can be divided into non-programmable hearing aid and programmable hearing aid; The two circuits are basically the same, except that the former uses "analog regulator" and the latter uses "digital regulator".
This kind of hearing aid uses linear amplifier circuit, the input-output relationship is 1:1; for the amplified sound, the main method is to cut off the peak part of the output signal which exceeds the limit.

Advantages: 1.These hearing aids are inexpensive and suitable for people who want to spend less money on low-quality sound; 2.It is suitable for people with high power and severe hearing loss. But compared with analog hearing aids, digital hearing aids have better hearing aids and better hearing protection, please choose according to your needs.

Jinhao is a analog hearing aid manufacturer, dedicated to providing you with high quality hearing aids.

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