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Generation Process of Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The most common damp conditions of hearing aids include short circuit and condensate water. Condensate water may also hinder the chemical reaction of zinc-air batteries through the pores, resulting in hearing aids power failure, battery leakage and even corrosion of the machine core. These dangerous dampness may come from air humidity, sweating by users and accidental water contamination. Damage to ear digital machine caused by dampness makes users very disgusted and sometimes even unable to repair. So consumers need a waterproof hearing aid.

Waterproof Settings
The design of waterproof hearing aids needs to overcome two technical difficulties: first, air-conducting sound needs air transmission-how to transmit sound after the whole seal; second, hearing aids batteries (zinc-air batteries) need air to work. Therefore, the key to the design of waterproof hearing aids is to find a way of waterproof without blocking the air. Usually, protective devices such as waterproof film or silica gel pad are used in microphones, battery doors, telephone receivers, etc.

Waterproof test
Waterproof hearing aids must pass strict waterproof tests by authoritatively certified neutral verification agencies, such as IPX4 liquid splash test using high-pressure water gun 360 degrees around the hearing aids for 10 minutes, IPX7 waterproofing test will be hearing aids immersed in 1 meter deep underwater for 30 minutes.

Another popular hearing aid on the market is rechargeable hearing aid. If water-proof and rechargeable functions are combined, a waterproof rechargeable hearing aid is undoubtedly a better choice for consumers. Jinhao provides waterproof rechargeable hearing aids with mature technology. Welcome to your purchase.

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