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  • JH-A17 CIC Hearing Aid JH-A17 CIC Hearing Aid

    CIC hearing aid is best for people with light, mild to moderately hearing loss who are looking for a nearly invisible hearing aid or ear amplifier to enhance their hearing care. Our CIC hearing aids s...

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  • JH- A39 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid JH- A39 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

    Wireless Earbuds Sound AmplifierGreat design, quick and simple charging, and easy to use completely wireless earbuds that also double as sound amplifiers.Amplifies voices for easy conversationDiscreet...

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In the Ear Hearing Aid

ITE means In Ear Hearing Aid, they are included ITC, IIC, CIC hearing aid. Most of them are small and tiny. Because of their sizes, we hard to find them when people wear on it. Whilst smaller hearing aids might be more discreet, you may find that some of the larger in-ear styles easier to put in place or remove especially of you may be experiencing dexterity problems. 
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