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Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The difference with traditional hearing aid technology, rechargeable allows you to reuse the same battery simply by recharging the hearing aids with the charger. More environmental than battery hearing aid. Its power supply can be from power bank, computer, adapter, AA battery and so on, which allow you to take it to go outside for a long time, so rechargeable hearing amplifier ear aid is great potential in the market.

  • D26 Hearing Aid D26 Hearing Aid

    DUAL SPEAKER RECHARGEABLE TINY HEARING AID 1) Telecoil works by turning off the regular microphone on your hearing aid and only picking up the sounds from the phone, FM, or audio loops. You can put t...

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    A Boon for the Hearing-impaired People - New Bluetooth Hearing Aid

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    Bluetooth Style Hearing Amplifier

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