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How Are Digital Ear Hearing Machine Better Than Traditional Hearing Machine?

In general, when the hearing aid transforms the sound signal into an electrical signal in the microphone, the change of electrical signal is caused by the continuous change of external acoustic signal. The frequency signal of some parts of the language is amplified to be larger than that of other parts, so that the language can be heard clearly under quiet conditions, and it can be adjusted appropriately with a series of fine-tuning, which partly meeting the requirements of patients.

Digital ear hearing machine converts sound signals into electrical signals in the microphone. A filter is used to minimize signal distortion and to perform frequent sampling. Under normal circumstances, the sampling rate reaches 10,000 or more per second. Then, each sampling point is coded by binary code with an analog-to-digital converter. In the central processing unit or the microprocessor, carry on the numerical processing to it. Different operation methods such as add, subtract, multiply and divide, are used for the purpose of multiplication. After the microprocessor or central processing unit has finished its work, it is converted back with a digital-to-analog converter. Filter to minimize distortion and eventually convert to the receiver again.

It has been proved that the digital ear hearing machine has incomparable advantages over the analog hearing aid. A digital processor has less memory space than an analog hearing aid that performs the same function. It makes hearing aids to become smaller, which meets the psychology of beauty of hearing loss. Energy saving is another advantage of digital ear hearing machine.

The vast majority of wearers of hearing aids are neurologic deafness, accompanied by reactivation symptoms, such as sudden loud noise makes wearers feel headache, head distension, and so on. The surrounding environment will not always be quiet when it is used. They want to be able to hear the conversation in a noisy environment, hear the low voice. It doesn't feel uncomfortable when the voice is amplified. The digital ear hearing machine can provide more effective, more invasive means than conventional digital ear machine.

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