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How to Wear an in the Ear Aid?

Concealed appearance is an important demand of many hearing aid users. With the rapid development of hearing technology, more and more hearing aids (commonly known as custom-made machines) fit the ear canal, compact and delicate but still have powerful functions.

Here's how to wear in the ear aids.

Wear a hearing aid

1. Install the corresponding batteries and gently close the battery door of the hearing aid.

2. Hold the hearing aid with your forefinger and thumb and align it with the ear canal. Then gently rotate the hearing aid into the ear canal. Using the other hand to pull the ear back will help you wear the hearing aid more easily.

3. Open and close your mouth a few times to help you feel if the hearing aid is in the right position.

4. After confirming that the hearing aids are in place, in the ear aids begin to work. (You may hear feedback whistling as you wear it.)
Remove the hearing aid

5. Hold the cord gently with the forefinger and thumb; pull the hearing aid outward along the direction of the ear canal, and then remove the hearing aid in the ear. While removing the hearing aid, holding it under the auricle with the other hand can help you safely remove the in the ear aid.

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