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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of CIC Hearing Aids

    Wearing ear canal or CIC hearing aids has the following advantages1. More concealed and easily accepted;2. It is not easy to drop so that the wearer can work and move easily.3.Convenient for hearing i... more

  • The More Channels The Hearing Aids Have, The Better?

    Best buy digital hearing aidsWhen choosing a hearing aid, most of the friends who have known it in advance will ask, "What are the channels of this hearing aid?"Undoubtedly, the number of channels has... more

  • The Effect of Wearing Analog Hearing Aids is Ok, But The Digital Machine is Not So Clear?

    Many users used to use analog machines, but after replacing digital hearing aids, they were confused: before the analog hearing aids felt good, why just replaced a higher-end digital hearing aids inst... more

  • Can Waterproof Hearing Ad Not be Dried?

    For the hearing impaired, the waterproof performance of the hearing aid is crucial. The most common occurrences of hearing aids being wetted include short circuits and condensed water. The damage caus... more

  • Hearing Aid Waterproof Technology

    Consumers want their own products to be waterproof, such as new watches, new smartphones, or expensive outdoor sports boots. For the hearing impaired, the most waterproof products are their hearing ai... more

  • The Secret of Waterproof Hearing Aid

    At present, the highest dustproof and waterproof level of waterproof hearing aid is IP68 (meaning dust is up to 6 and waterproof is up to 8).Why is waterproof hearing aid waterproof?The unique process... more

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