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A Boon for the Hearing-impaired People - New Bluetooth Hearing Aid

An important part of Levy's routine job is to help hearing-impaired people overcome hearing impairment. She recommends the Bluetooth-enabled smart hearing aid to a growing number of patients. She says it's not hard to convince young patients that smart hearing aids can help them overcome hearing impairment. After all, in modern society, smart phones are the necessities of life for young people. Levy points out that applications on smartphones or tablets can adjust the volume of smart hearing aids and other settings. Therefore, people who use smartphones will definitely use Bluetooth intelligent hearing aids. However, older patients are unable to accept this high-tech hearing aid at any moment. For people who don't use smartphones, Bluetooth smart hearing aids with remote controls are their only choice, with clear buttons and easier to operate than smartphones.
Bluetooth smart hearing aids can also be equipped with micro clip microphones, which are very advantageous in large public places. For example, in a noisy restaurant or a noisy workshop, the speaker's voice can be wirelessly transmitted from the microphone to the hearing aid by simply clipping the microphone to his clothes. In this way, the hearing-impaired patients will not be able to hear the other side because the surrounding environment is too noisy. In addition, hearing aids manufacturers have also made necklace devices for embedded microphones, which can be worn by people with hearing impairment at any time, and can also use hands-free call functions when necessary.
If you don't think miniature hidden microphones are good enough, there's a product called Roger Pen on the market. Its function is similar to the clip microphone, but its function is more powerful. The shape of Roger Pen is like a pen. The speaker doesn't need a microphone. He just needs to put Roger Pen next to him and the hearing-impaired wearing a smart hearing aid can hear each other's voices. Like many hearing aids, Roger Pen is also compatible with cochlear implants, so people with hearing impairment who use cochlear implants can communicate with others without obstacles with the help of a Roger pen.

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