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Bluetooth Style Hearing Amplifier

Describe the new technology of hearing aid - Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth Style Hearing Amplifier has been launched by manufacturers 3 or 4 years ago. Due to the lack of understanding of the majority of users and the high price of relevant products, few of them are used. With the introduction of hearing aids with Bluetooth technology by various manufacturers in the past year or two, the price of hearing aids with this technology has been reduced to a level acceptable to a considerable number of customers, and the number of users has gradually increased.

In the past, ordinary hearing aids did not work well when answering telephone calls, for two main reasons:
One is that the voice of the telephone needs to be transmitted through air to the microphone of the hearing aid. Because when a user makes a phone call, the receiver and the microphone of the hearing aid are always not very accurate, which causes the sound signal attenuation of the phone. Even though some hearing aids use inductance, the sound energy transmitted to the hearing aid is incomplete because the distance and the electromagnetic energy of the telephone are not enough.

Second, when making a phone call, the receiver of the phone can only be placed next to the microphone of one ear. At the same time, the microphone of the hearing aid can receive the sound made by the user around, resulting in poor signal and noise when making a phone call. For these reasons, a significant number of users are less effective at making phone calls with hearing aids, and some are even less clear than without them.

The combination of hearing aid and Bluetooth technology solves the problem well.
Bluetooth Style Hearing Amplifier do not require the user to move the phone's receiver to the microphone of the hearing aid.
There is a wireless receiving module in the hearing aid, and a module (with Bluetooth signal reception and common wireless signal transmission functions) is added outside the hearing aid. This module is the same size as the matchbox (different brands have slightly different sizes), or it is hung on the chest or in the pocket. The main function of the module is to receive the Bluetooth signal from the end of the phone and transmit the audio information of the signal directly to the binaural hearing aid. This process has several advantages, which completely overcome the defects of the above mentioned SNR and inaccurate position.

First, the sound in the telephone is transmitted wirelessly to the user's hearing aid with almost no loss, ensuring that the sound energy does not decrease.

The second is that Bluetooth Style Hearing Amplifier can direct the voice from the phone to the user's two hearing aids, so that both ears can hear the voice of the other person inside the phone; In most cases, the speech recognition rate of binaural listening is much higher than that of monaural listening.

The third point is that in the Bluetooth mode and the ordinary wireless transmission process, the voice in the phone is equivalent to directly into the hearing aid, without any noise interference in the environment of the phone receiver, which greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio.

Based on the above three points,
Bluetooth Style Hearing Amplifier has made a lot of changes in the effect of telephone answering, which has been praised by many users.

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