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Digital Ear Amplifier Background

The digital ear amplifier increases the amplitude of the small signal to a useful level while preserving the details of the small signal, which is called linearity. The better the linearity of the amplifier, the more realistic the output signal is for the input signal.

The purpose of the digital ear amplifier is to reconstruct the input audio signal on the output component that produces the sound. The signal volume and power level are ideal, truthful, effective, and low distortion. The audio range is approximately 20 Hz to 20 kHz, so the amplifier must have a good frequency response within this range (slighter speakers with limited frequency bands, such as woofer or tweeter). Depending on the application, the power varies widely, from milliwatts of headphones to watts of TV or PC audio, to tens of watts of mini-home stereos and car stereos, to more powerful home and commercial audio systems which more than a few hundred watts, and even more so can meet the sound requirements of the entire cinema or auditorium.

A simple analog implementation of an audio amplifier is to use a linear mode transistor to get an output voltage that is proportional to the input voltage. The forward voltage gain is typically very high (at least 40 dB). If the feedback loop contains a positive gain, the overall loop gain is also high. Because high loop gain improves performance, it suppresses distortion caused by nonlinearity in the forward path and reduces power supply noise by increasing power supply rejection (PSR). Therefore, feedback is often used.

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