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  • Selection and Matching Process...

    Long-term tinnitus, loud TV but still inaudible, these phenomena may be early manifestations of senile deafness. 80% of the elderly have no intervention after hearing impairment, which eventually lead... more

  • Eight Small Steps for Adapting...

    Language is a high-level nervous activity of human brain, and its reception and cognition are human's active processes. After wearing hearing machine for the old people, the elderly need appropriate t... more

  • Eight Misunderstandings in Wea...

    Misunderstanding 1. Once hearing problems arise, go directly to buy hearing machine for old people.When hearing problems arise, don't buy hearing aids on your own. First, go to a regular hospital or a... more

  • The Price and Caution of the H...

    The appearance of hearing aids can be divided into: box machine, ear back machine, custom machine. It depends on the hearing loss of the elderly. The price ranges from several hundred yuan to several ... more

  • The Advantages of the Digital ...

    Digital hearing aids are different from analog hearing aids, which uses a non-linear amplifier circuit to convert speech signals into digital signals. According to the hearing needs of patients, digit... more

  • The Characteristics of the Dig...

    The digital ear hearing machine have one or more microchip processors that can convert analog signals into computer languages of 0 and 1. Sound wave in this format can be organized faster and more eff... more

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