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  • A Boon for the Hearing-impaire...

    An important part of Levy's routine job is to help hearing-impaired people overcome hearing impairment. She recommends the Bluetooth-enabled smart hearing aid to a growing number of patients. She says... more

  • Bluetooth Style Hearing Amplif...

    Describe the new technology of hearing aid - Bluetooth technologyHearing aid Bluetooth technology has been launched by manufacturers 3 or 4 years ago. Due to the lack of understanding of the majority ... more

  • What is the Best Brand of Hear...

    What is the best brand of hearing aid? How does the old man choose his hearing aid? The ear is one of the many functions of the body that get worse with age. So what's the best type of hearing aid? He... more

  • What's the Best Hearing Aid fo...

    If you feel lonely because of being deaf, please choose a hearing aid that suits you. I believe your world will be different because of this. What's the best way to buy an old hearing aid? Any request... more

  • The Effect of Bluetooth Hearin...

    There are two problems with making phone calls: 1. The phone screams when it is close to the hearing aid, unable to answer the phone, and cannot hear clearly when it is far away; 2. The sound of surro... more

  • What Kind of Hearing Aid is th...

    Hearing is a kind of advanced, comprehensive and subjective feeling. Now we can know our hearing condition through listening test. And our subjective feelings can give us a general understanding of ou... more

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