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Pocket Hearing Aid Features

The box hearing aid is also called a pocket hearing aid. The shape is like a small radio-sized rectangular box in which the microphone, amplifier, and battery of the hearing aid are assembled, and a long wire is connected to the earphone and earplug or special ear mold. Usually placed in a pocket of clothing or a special pouch. These hearing aids are large and are suitable for use by the elderly and those with inconvenient finger movements. The microphone (microphone) of the hearing aid is far away from the receiver (headphones), and it is not easy to generate acoustic feedback, so the maximum output limit is small, the power can be made very large, and multiple manual adjustment knobs can be placed. Its low price and easy maintenance, using a 5 or 7 battery, you can also use a rechargeable battery. Pocket hearing aids can also be used to listen to hearing aids in both ears, which are poorly concealed due to their large size. The hearing aid adopts ordinary transistor components, and the noise floor is high, and the hearing aid itself and the friction between the wire and the clothes make the sound easy to be distorted and the sound quality is lowered. At the same time, the earphone wire is easily damaged and the child is not safe to wear.

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