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The Advantages of Cic Hearing Aids and the Adaptation of the Crowd

What are the advantages of cic hearing aids ?

The cic hearing aid has a good potential advantage. In addition to the hidden aesthetic effect, the user can also experience its higher high frequency gain, which can reduce distortion, reduce feedback, enhance directionality, reduce the effect of blocking the ear, and the user can also It is more convenient to use devices such as phones/headphones/stethoscopes. The cic hearing aid have advanced sound processing techniques such as reducing complex noise and digital feedback suppression, which benefit users immensely.

The cic hearing aid is located deeper in the ear canal than the general ear canal hearing aid, so the ear canal portion of the cic hearing aid earpiece must be longer than the normal ear sample. A good ear sample can completely and accurately replicate the shape of the entire human ear. Therefore, taking the ear sample is the basis for the successful production of cic hearing aids. If the ear is incomplete or cracked, the resulting casing can cause discomfort or feedback problems. Redoing the case adds both cost and time.

Which people are suitable for deep ear canal hearing aids?

1. People with mild to moderate hearing loss

2. users who need to be as concealed as possible hearing aids

3. energetic people

4. Users who currently wear hearing aids have a blocking effect

5. Users who have feedback problems with ear or ear canal hearing aids

6. high frequency steep drop hearing loss people

7. Medical staff using a stethoscope

8. People who have difficulty answering the phone or want to wear a hearing aid and headphones at the same time

9. People who need to wear ear protection devices

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