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The Advantages of Cic Hearing Aids

Small size and strong concealment

The in-ear hearing aid is located about 1/3 of the outer ear canal and the ear cavity. While, the cic hearing aid is only small nail size. The ear canal volume is located between the two. Because of its small size, there are no external wires and sound tubes, hidden and not easy to be discovered, which can satisfy the aesthetic and psychological needs of the deaf.

Comfortable and fixed

The shape of the three ear canal hearing aids is tailored to the shape of the patient's ear canal (including the ear canal). Since the shape of the hearing aid is consistent with the anatomy of the external auditory canal of the patient, it is comfortable to wear and is not easy to fall off.

High fidelity

Since the distance between the earphone and the eardrum of the hearing aid is shortened, the amplified sound does not need to pass through the ear hook, the catheter, the ear mold, and is not affected by the wind sound, and can directly act on the eardrum, so that the noise and distortion can be well controlled.

High frequency gain

As mentioned above, the first is the high-frequency amplification of the body of the ear, so that the sound of 4000 ~ 5000Hz is amplified by 10dB and then transmitted to the microphone of the hearing aid. Secondly, because the ear canal device "blocks the tube" of the external auditory canal, the length of the external auditory canal is shortened, and the resonance frequency peak is advanced. The sound of about 2000 Hz is put about 10 dB and acts on the tympanic membrane. In this way, the high frequency information of the speech is effectively amplified, and the auditory resolution is significantly improved. It is especially suitable for patients with high frequency hearing loss.

Reduced gain requirements

As mentioned earlier, cic hearing aids can increase the sound gain, increase the output, increase the headroom, and reduce the acoustic feedback. Therefore, the gain requirement is reduced. In other words, for patients with the same hearing loss, the power required for a complete ear canal hearing aid can be smaller than that of a cassette machine or a behind-the-ear machine.

Because the position of the hearing aid is deep, it is less affected by sweat and dust, and there are fewer chances of accidental damage, which is beneficial to the protection of the hearing aid.

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