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What Is The Difference Between Analog Hearing Aids And Digital Ear Hearing Machine?

(1) In terms of movement, analog hearing AIDS are composed of a large number of electronic components, Caoyong analog line. The core is an analog amplifier, and the signal processing is analog. And the movement of digital ear hearing machine is a very small computer chip, the equivalent of a small computer. It adopts a logic circuit, which means the signal processing is digital after some calculation of the input signal before the output.

(2) In terms of audiology, traditional hearing aids are mostly linear amplification. It means the same amplification of light, medium and heavy sounds, leading to unclear low sound and uncomfortable loud sound. More seriously, it can damage the ear and worsen hearing loss. The digital hearing machine is nonlinear amplification. It sounds clear and comfortable and helps protect the hearing.

(3) In terms of function, the digital ear hearing machine also has many advantages that analog hearing aid do not have. The processing speed of the digital ear hearing machine is extremely fast, just like a detector, which will automatically change with the environment. It will automatically analyze the environment. If you're in a noisy environment, it automatically reduces the noise, and amplifies the sound to reduce the noise. Thus it enhances the language understanding, and also sounds very comfortable.

(4) The digital ear hearing machine also has the advantages of small size, long battery life, high stability, strong anti - interference ability. In a word, the language of digital hearing machine is clear. Its sound quality is high and comfortable to hear. More and more people choose to wear the digital hearing machine, and the reflection effect is very good.

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