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Pocket Hearing Aid

Pocket hearing aid, as the name implies, is small, completely invisible hearing aid. In recent years, with the development of electronic technology, the shape of hearing aid has become smaller and smaller. In view of this, audiologists have developed a new type of hearing aid in the field of hearing aids - pocket hearing aid. Its small size and concealed shape are almost invisible from the wearer's appearance.

Advantages of pocket hearing aid:

1. The pocket hearing aid is small and concealed. Ordinary hearing aids tend to be large, and whether it is wearing or carrying it, there will be a lot of inconvenience. However, the small-sized hearing aids are small in size and placed directly on the ear canal when worn. They are convenient during wearing, are not easy to fall, and are easy to carry. .

2. The pocket hearing aid is available in a wide range of applications. It can be used by people with moderate or severe hearing loss. It can be used after fitting.

3. The pocket hearing aid is relatively simple to operate and require no manual operation. Just place the pocket hearing aid in the ear canal in the right way. It is usually convenient to take off or wear.

4. The pocket hearing aid has good noise reduction function, which can automatically adapt to various environments, so that the wearer can clearly hear the surrounding sound.

For people:

1. Adolescents whose ear canal has developed;

2. Young people with high aesthetic and sound quality requirements;

3. Young or middle-aged business people.

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