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Analogue Hearing Aid

Analogue Hearing Aid

A traditional simply makes the sound wave larger to amplify sounds.

The conventional analog hearing aids are designed with a specific frequency response based on the listener's audiogram. In turn, the audiologist directs the manufacturer about the settings to install.

Although some adjustments need to be made, the device works to amplify all sounds – including noise and speech – in the same way. This technology is affordable and can be used by the budget-conscious consumers.

The power consumption of the battery is relative all the functions of all open digital hearing aid, do not need to and computer link matching, can directly adjust some control, easy to use. Analog hearing aids work for all the different types of hearing loss as well.

BTE Hearing Aids

According to the different wearing method, we can divide hearing aids into BTE(Behind the ear), ITE (in the ear), Body worn (we also call them Pocket hearing aid) hearing aid. BTE hearing aids refers to the shape of the hearing aid, which is the "back of the ear" type of hearing aid, which is attached to the back of the ear and consists of the body, the ear hook, the ear tube, the earplug or the ear mold. BTE included ear hook, ear zoom, open fit, RIC and so on. There is the external hearing aid. And behind the ear style hearing aids are a lot sleeker and slimmer than they used to be giving you a very comfortable fit. BTE digital hearing aids is suitable for all kinds of hearing loss patients, but also can achieve a lot of functions.

BTE hearing amplifier has low requirements on ear canal, low cost for new ear mold, high power, and can meet the needs of users with different hearing loss. The range of testing and matching is wide. For deaf children in the growing period of ear canal, the ear-back type machine only needs to replace the ear mold, which is more convenient.

ITE Hearing Aids

ITE means In Ear Hearing Aid, they are included ITC, IIC, CIC hearing aid. ITE hearing aid is the first customized hearing aid developed and applied. It occupies the auricle cavity and the auricle boat, also known anatomically as the auricle hearing aid.ITE hearing aid is suitable for a wide range of hearing loss, the output power is larger.It is convenient to install two microphones, sound pickup coil and other accessories, replace the battery, adjust the volume and other operations teach ITC, CIC easier. ITE hearing amplifier is more affordable than ITC and CIC. Most of them are small and tiny. Because of their sizes, we hard to find them when people wear on it. Whilst smaller hearing aids might be more discreet, you may find that some of the larger in-ear styles easier to put in place or remove especially of you may be experiencing dexterity problems. Best ITE hearing aids can also make in-ear hearing aids easier to clean and maintain.

Pocket Hearing Aids

Pocket hearing aids is slightly larger than a matchbox. Pocket hearing amplifier is connected to the earphone by a wire.Its advantages are smaller interference, larger power, easy to use, easy to adjust, long use time, lower price, pocket size hearing aids can meet the needs of people with more severe deafness.
Some senior citizen finds pocket hearing aids easier to use than the smaller types since they are quite large and the controls easy to operate. However, very few models of this type are now produced.
Pocket(body worn) hearing aids can be very powerful, meaning that they are most suitable for individuals with very severe hearing losses and their relatively large size makes them easy to handle and adjust. Great for old people.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The difference with traditional hearing aid technology, rechargeable allows you to reuse the same battery simply by recharging the hearing aids with the charger.

Some hearing aids require frequent replacement and maintenance of batteries, which are almost a burden for the elderly with inflexible fingers. Wireless charging technology used in rechargeable hearing aid amplifier charging, removed the frequent replacement of the battery steps, largely simplified the steps of charging, making the operation simple and easy, good to do the hearing aid charge without worry. More environmental than battery hearing aid and power supply can from power bank, computer, adapter, AA battery and so on. The rechargeable hearing amplifier is a great potential in the market, which allows you to take it to go outside for a long time without considering the battery problem.

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