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Rechargeable Hearing Aid Machine Helps Earth Environmental Protection

Among many kinds of garbage, waste batteries are one of the most painful garbage. Waste batteries included in the list of hazardous wastes by environmental protection departments include spent nickel-cadmium batteries and spent lead-acid batteries. Disposable batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion batteries are not included in hazardous waste management because of their relatively small environmental risks. The Environmental Protection Department advises the public to distribute garbage without centralized and unified recycling. For ordinary people, most people do not know whether the waste batteries at home contain mercury, cadmium and other dangerous substances, how to deal with these harmful waste batteries, they always seem to be at a loss. Moreover, in most residential areas in China, there is no dedicated place for discarded batteries.

It can be seen that there are many defects in harmful waste such as waste batteries, from the popularization of knowledge, the setting of classified recycling stations to the improvement of waste batteries management system. In some countries, primary and secondary schools have classified garbage as a compulsory practical course.

Why do rechargeable hearing aid machines stick to silver-zinc battery technology?

One charge can provide you with at least one full day's electricity. Moreover, a battery can be recycled for at least one year.

Rechargeable hearing aid machines suitable for various technical grades and appearance, such as 312 and 13 batteries.

There is no need to remove the battery when charging it. The rechargeable hearing aid machines can be charged simply by placing it on the charging base. When the battery life is exhausted, battery replacement can be completed at home (no need to take it to the testing center).

Compatible with traditional batteries, it can be replaced in time when you forget to charge or encounter other emergencies.

It is environmentally friendly, recyclable, high recycling value, does not produce mercury, cadmium and other heavy metal pollution, non-flammable, non-toxic and harmless.

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