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  • Programmable Digital Hearing Aid Programmable Digital Hearing Aid 07 03,2018 Programmable circuit features allow the hearing instrument to be variably reset and adjusted (via an external computer platform and software) closely to the patients targeted needs.The advantages are ... VIEW
  • JH-113 Analog BTE Hearing Aid / Hearing Amplifier JH-113 Analog BTE Hearing Aid / Hearing Amplifier 07 03,2018 1 Cyber Sonic Hearing Aid1 Cyber sonic Hearing Aid; 3 Ear tips (for different size ear); 1 Cyber sonic gift box; 1 Manual book; 3 AG13 battery; 3 AG13 battery. VIEW
  • Cooperate With Beurer Cooperate With Beurer 07 03,2018 GOOD NEW , Beurer has become a shareholder in Jinghao. With Beurer joining with us, jinghao is more powerful and more advanced. China manufacture and German technology together, which will become a ve... VIEW
  • Corporate Promotional Film Corporate Promotional Film 07 05,2018 VIEW
  • Jinghao Product Catalogue Jinghao Product Catalogue 07 13,2018 VIEW
  • In-ear Hearing Aid In-ear Hearing Aid 08 24,2018 How to wear:Wearing a hearing aid(1)Insert the appropriate battery and gently close the hearing aid battery compartment door.(2)Hold the hearing aid with your index finger and thumb and aim it at the ... VIEW
  • Design & Layout Design & Layout 03 19,2019 Each specialist in charge makes specifications and design, layout and modeling to match customer needs. VIEW
  • Case Analysis Case Analysis 03 19,2019 VIEW
  • AECON AECON 03 19,2019 Patients can improve the listening comprehension by switching modes under different conditions; Complete Digital Signal Processor(DSP), Automatic Antireaction, Wide dynamic range compression. VIEW
  • Hot Selling Hearing Aid Hot Selling Hearing Aid 03 29,2019 VIEW
  • history history 06 13,2019 VIEW
  • 2013 2013 06 13,2019 Cooperated with Indian No. 2 medical company Dr. Morepen VIEW
  • 10 years R&D 10 years R&D 06 13,2019 In 2008, we began R&D and manufacturing hearing aid. 10 years we have been consistently dedicated in producing advanced hearing technologies. VIEW
  • Arab Health in Dubai UAE Arab Health in Dubai UAE 07 03,2018 Arab Health is the second largest healthcare exhibition and congress in the world and the largest in the Middle East. It offers important opportunities to build relationships within the healthcare ind... VIEW
  • Non programmable Digital Hearing Aid Non programmable Digital Hearing Aid 07 03,2018 These hearing aids are programmed before producing, and the only different with programmable hearing aid is that once it sell the client, it can't be programmed again. And some of non-programmable hea... VIEW
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