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What are the Types of Hearing Aids?

Some people may born with relatively poor hearing or suffer hearing loss caused by eardrum injuries. For this group of people, wearing hearing aids on the ears will help a lot to their life, so hearing aids are very important to them. Then what types of hearing aids are available on the market? How to maintain hearing aids? Next, I will introduce them one by one for you to take a reference.

1. Behind-the-ear hearing aid

It resembles the curvature of a banana and lies behind ears. Generally its length is about 4-5 cm long. The receiver opening is connected with a sound guide hook made of a rigid plastic tube, which is hung at the root of the upper edge of the auricle. The sound can pass from this hook, then go through the soft plastic tube and ear plug, finally go into the conchae and ear canal entrance, which helps to achieve the effect of hearing aid. In some countries, this type of hearing aid develops fastest. Many manufacturers can provide 30-50 products of different specifications, which means the functions of this type of hearing aid are gradually increasing.

2. Boxy hearing aid

It can also be named pocket or

pocket type hearing aid, which resembles a cigarette case and is hung in a small pocket or pocket at the chest. A wire connects the headset with the main engine, then after inserting the headset into the external auditory canal, the aid can be put into use. The main disadvantage of this type of aid is that the wire is too long, neither beautiful nor convenient.

3. Eyeglasses hearing aid

It can meet the needs of patients with refractive errors and deafness. The microphone, amplifier, receiver (headset), battery box and other various functional switches are all installed in the leg of glasses of old style eyeglasses aid. The end of one leg of ordinary glasses is connected with the behind-the-car hearing aid for easy maintenance and replacement. The so-called signal cross-linking hearing aid is created for the deaf with one ear being totally deaf and the other being normal or partially deaf.

4. Customized hearing aid

Customized hearing aids are the collective names of "inner ear hearing aids", "ear canal hearing aids" and "deep ear canal hearing aids". The biggest characteristic of customized hearing aid is that it is customized according to the shape of each person's ear, suitable for individual ears, which is more comfortable and easy to wear. In addition, it can make full use of the sound collection function of the external ear. What’s more, it is less conspicuous and can answer the phone in a normal way.

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