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Why Advocate Buying Small Ear Amplifiers in Both Ears

As long as the hearing of both ears decreases and there is no contraindication for bilateral selection, it is recommended to buy small ear amplifiers in both ears because:

1. Selection of hearing aids in both ears improves the integration effect of voice gathering, noise reduction and balance of ears, which can also improve the listening comfort.

2. Bilateral selection improves the ability of locating sound sources and language resolution.

3. If a patient with bilateral hearing impairment only chooses to wear one hearing aid, the understanding ability of the auditory cortex of other side without hearing aid will gradually decline. This phenomenon is called progressive (delayed) hearing deprivation effect in audiology, and the longer the time, the more serious it is. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the most effective solution at present is to choose hearing aids in both ears.

4. Wearing hearing aids in both ears can slightly reduce the overall gain of each hearing aid, thus can reduce the possibility of acoustic feedback and improve the use time of batteries.

5. Let each patient with bilateral hearing loss be able to have both ears in a normal state of sound through sound stimulation, which can excite the auditory nerve and delay the decline of auditory nerve function.

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