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With Ear Digital Machine, Do You Need to Debug the Computer Frequently?

Ear digital machines use a non-linear amplification circuit, which can input the sound intensity of microphone according to the external environment, and automatically match the amplification intensity of different frequencies according to the user's hearing loss.

The amplification standard of ear digital machine is generally suitable average data based on a large number of audiological experiments. However, due to the different perceptions of sound for each user, it is difficult for ear digital machines to meet the individual listening needs of each user after a debugging. For the same user, because of the different sound environment, even the same sound intensity will have different sound feelings, such as the same 60 decibels speech, respectively in the quiet environment and noise environment to listen to the user, will have a distinct different feeling.

Therefore, during the initial period of time, users need to debug the computer several times in order to make the amplification of hearing aids adapt to the user's personalized needs and achieve the best balance in the use of various environments. Of course, when users feel that their hearing changes, they also need to review and adjust the hearing aid program in time.

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