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We are manufacturing hearing aids more than 10 year, Products cover from analog to digital hearing aids.
Like BTE hearing aids, ITE hearing aids, CIC hearing aids, RIC hearing aids, Pocket hearing aids,
Super Mini hearing aids, Digital hearing aids,
Programmable & Non-programmable hearing aids, and OTC hearing aids etc.


We are selling to more than 100 countries, like Germany Beurer, USA CVS, European LIDL, Japan Aeon, and very hot selling on Amazon also. 
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Focus on hearing aid development more than 10 years

  • 10 years R&D
    Extensive Experience

    In 2008, we began R&D and manufacturing hearing aid. 10 years we have been consistently dedicated in producing advanced hearing technologies.

  • 100+
    countries customers

    Over 100+ countries customers trusted Jinghao to provide premium hearing aid as we put health & happiness first.

  • 400+
    million pcs yearly capacity

    8 production lines to ensure 400+ million pcs capacity,All products pass FDA, CE, RoHS certificate as quality first

  • Industry news    2019/11/11 How to Wear in the Ear Aids

    The concealed appearance of in the ear aids is an important demand of many hearing aids users. With the rapid development of hearing technology, there are more and more hearing aids (commonly known as...

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  • Industry news    2019/11/11 Features Of In The Ear Aids

    1. product appearanceThe appearance of in the ear aids is small and secluded. Listening method is closer to the natural listening of the human ear. When used, it can be directly worn in the ear canal,...

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  • Industry news    2019/11/11 How Are Hearing Help Devices Classified

    Hearing help devices are the instrument that helps a person with hearing impairment hear outside sounds. It's actually a small semiconductor amplifier. Its function is to make relatively weak sound, t...

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Sara Wang - Sales Manager

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