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Brand: Jing Hao Model: JH-337
1. Rechargeable behind the ear hearing aid, no need to change battery frequency, reusable and Eco-friendly, Low carbon, environmental protection; 2. Two charging ways, AC adapter and battery for ..
Model: jh-351
Features JH-351 BTE FM Rechargeable Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier 1. Contacting with USB line, no matter AC adapter, computer or car all can be charged. 2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold..
Model: jh-900a
Features of JH-900a ITE Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier1. A key switch control all hearing aid machine, easy operation;2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly for the user, limit the maxi..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-906
Features of JH-906 ITE Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier1. Only a volume adjustment key control hearing aid, the easy operation when you wear;2. Limited the maximum output, so that the user will not hear ..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-909
1. Noise Reduction and use balanced armature loudspeaker instead of the dynamic loudspeaker;2. Touch-tone hearing aid, comfortable touching feeling, and easy operation;3. Beautiful design, small size,..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-d10
1. Digital hearing aid, Complete Digital Signal Processor(DSP), high sound quality and clear voice;2. Low distortion and low noise output, 2-16 channels for options;3. Noise-control Microphone an..
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