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Brand: Jing Hao Model: JH-A61A
FAQQ1.How can I get samples?A: Simply reach out to your sales manager on request.Q2. About the MOQ.A: MOQ of sample limited from 1. Differentiated on products and region, SOP MOQ could be differred fr..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: JH-A17
CIC hearing aid is best for people with light, mild to moderately hearing loss who are looking for a nearly invisible hearing aid or ear amplifier to enhance their hearing care. Our CIC hearing aids s..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-a50
TV shopping hearing aids hot sell. New private modelAutomatic volume selectionIt will remember the last volume you selectedEasy to hide and comfortable to wear.Easy to adjust the volume and switch ON/..
Model: jh-900a
Features of JH-900a ITE Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier1. A key switch control all hearing aid machine, easy operation;2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly for the user, limit the maxi..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-906
Features of JH-906 ITE Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier1. Only a volume adjustment key control hearing aid, the easy operation when you wear;2. Limited the maximum output, so that the user will not hear ..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-907
Features of JH-907 ITE Mini Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier1. The lightweight and easy operation, you won’t feel anything after you wear, very comfortable;2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold proper..
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