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Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-115
BTE Cheap Hearing Aid with Medical Ce & FDA CertificationUpper mini-size BTE amplifierDifferent volume levelsLight and comfortableLow power consumptionEasy to OperationFit to either ear(3 Earplugs..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-117
1. Adjust volume to the minimum level or switch off before wearing. 2. Choose the right size of ear tips to avoid any extra noise. 3. Increase volume gradually to avoid the sudden increase in sound...
Model: jh-125
1. The receiver outside design, JH-125 can reduce the feedback and noise. 2. Behind the ear type hearing aid with invisible ear line, easy to wear and feel comfortable for either ear. 3. Good sound ..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-337
1. Rechargeable behind the ear hearing aid, no need to change battery frequency, reusable and Eco-friendly, Low carbon, environmental protection; 2. Two charging ways, AC adapter and battery for ..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-338
1. USB rechargeable hearing aid, 12-14 hours of continuous use with a full charge, environmental and energy-saving; 2. USB Interface charging basic, can contact the computer, laptop, tablet, power ..
Model: jh-351
Features JH-351 BTE FM Rechargeable Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier 1. Contacting with USB line, no matter AC adapter, computer or car all can be charged. 2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold..
Model: jh-900a
Features of JH-900a ITE Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier1. A key switch control all hearing aid machine, easy operation;2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly for the user, limit the maxi..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-906
Features of JH-906 ITE Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier1. Only a volume adjustment key control hearing aid, the easy operation when you wear;2. Limited the maximum output, so that the user will not hear ..
Brand: Jing Hao Model: jh-909
1. Noise Reduction and use balanced armature loudspeaker instead of the dynamic loudspeaker;2. Touch-tone hearing aid, comfortable touching feeling, and easy operation;3. Beautiful design, small size,..
Model: jh-a39
Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions:1) Why there are some background noise?Actually, it is the electric current sound existing in all good machines. Generally, the higher the power, the greater t..
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