On December 10th, Jinghao Medical, the first listed brand in China's hearing aid industry, attended the 26th Macao International Trade and Investment Exhibition as a representative of Huizhou enterprises at the invitation of Huizhou Council for the promotion of international trade. At the same time, Jinghao Medical also appeared in the exhibition for the first time.

In this MIF exhibition, Jinghao Medical, which made its debut, showed you high-quality products, such as smart hearing aid JH-W3, portable hearing aid JH-A610,JH-A620 and other cutting-edge, humanized and high-quality products. In particular, the newly launched smart definition Bluetooth hearing aid JH-W3 this year has become the focus of attention in this exhibition.

The product design is full of humanistic and philosophical thinking and romantic atmosphere. The design inspiration comes from the ancient creature "Nautilus". Its shape is very similar to the human cochlea. The simple and beautiful body curve refers to the lines of "Nautilus", so that users can experience comfort while wearing, feel no burden and pressure.