On the afternoon of December 9, 2021, the sixth Guangzhou 4A advertising conference 2021, which was the most anticipated annual feast for advertisers in South China, was successfully held in Guangzhou. The theme communication of Jinghao Medical "living alone for the second time" won the top ten cases of Guangzhou 4A, and shared its advertising concept with thousands of guests.

"Living alone for the second time" is a large-scale public welfare communication campaign launched by Jinghao Medical on Mother's day on May 9, 2021. The campaign focused on a group of accompanying elderly "old drifters" who came to the city to take care of their children. By observing their living conditions in the city, we had a deep insight into their feelings under the situation of "living alone" although they have company in life. Jinghao Medical called on its children to "let their parents no longer live alone for the second time and give them more attention and emotional companionship", so that more people pay attention to the middle-aged and elderly groups. Once the public welfare communication project was launched, it was hotly discussed on the Internet. Phoenix, Tencent and other media competed to report. The popularity of Weibo topics reached 35.45 million, which was widely praised by all sectors of society.