In October, the 85th CMEF exhibition returned to Shenzhen! As the top event of "play" and "wind vane" in the medical device industry, the exhibition site continues to be popular! Brand exhibitors appeared in the exhibition hall at the same time, and many industry elites and medical scientific and technological achievements gathered at the scene, so that those who came to the scene could feel the infinite momentum of the peak event of the medical device industry!

As an innovative and leading hearing aid brand in the industry, Jinghao medical grandly launched JH-W3 hearing aid, a smart hearing aid, at this exhibition. JH-W3 Hearing Aid Product Design is a high-performance behind-the-ear OTC hearing aid designed to compensate for hearing loss and to ease the progression to Alzheimer's disease in elderly people with hearing loss. Thanks to version 5.0 Bluetooth reception and data exchange capabilities, the product allows for customer adaptive fitting, allowing the output parameters of the hearing aid to better match the hearing loss compensation requirements of the hearing impaired patient. The new composite material with nanotechnology effectively increases the strength of the shell to enhance the durability of use, and is as light as a feather.


After wearing and experiencing the JH-W3 hearing aid, a representative of a medical institution in Shenzhen was full of praise. "This hearing aid is really different from the traditional hearing aid. Listening to you in such a noisy environment in the exhibition hall, it is so clear that it exceeds expectations, and the environmental noise reduction is really good..."